Medical Device Engineering

We cater our medical device development services to fit your needs

Leveraging our R&D experiences will help you accelerate to your exit point.

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Medical Device Engineering

Do you need help developing your product and bringing it to market?

MED Institute has helped medical devices within 42 medical specialties reach markets around the world.

Clinical Services

Inspected to ISO 14155

We provide thoughtful guidance and quality clinical trial services to clients who require expertise in the efficient development of novel medical products and therapies.

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Medical Device Testing

We Maintain Accreditation to ISO 17025

We have over 200 accredited tests and are actively validating new methods.

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Great ideas shouldn’t just sit around in a lab somewhere, or stay locked in an inventor’s mind. For the last 30 years we have helped Cook Medical get its products to market by providing medical device testing, regulatory submission support, and clinical study management.

Now we are offering our services to the rest of the medical device industry.

So when you need a team with broad experience and knowledge that really wants to get your medical product idea out to the market where it can help patients, we are ready to collaborate.

Contact us to learn more and to discuss what we can do to help guide your project through the steps for market approval.